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The Emotion Bowl is a regular season rivalry football game between the Idaho Falls Tigers and Skyline Grizzlies. It has been played annually since Skyline High School opened. It was dubbed the "Emotion Bowl" by long time broadcaster Jim Garchow.

EmotionBowl.com was originally concieved as an outlet for our sports photography; however, we've decided to make the site more about the actual game and District 91 sports in general, and have moved our photography outlet to ohSnapSports.com. We certainly encourage you to visit our galleries there.

We're looking for contributors! That's right, especially people who want to report on Idaho Falls sports, so drop us a line if you're interested and we can go over the particulars.

Posted on: March 3rd, 2011by: Dan SleightResponses: 1

EmotionBowl.com Has Changed

In an effort to make EmotionBowl.com more about, well, the Emotion Bowl, and to better able to identify what we do as sports photographers, we’re announcing the launch of ohSnapSports.com. The Photo Galleries have Moved All of the galleries formerly here at EmotionBowl.com have moved to ohSnapSports.com. This is good news! OhSnapSports.com allows you to [...]

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